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Questions answered as part of the World Wide Blog Hop.  (8/14)
A short interview and some work are featured at Stripes Zine.  (6/14) 
FF will be at the New York Art Book Fair for the fifth straight year as part of ABC.  (9/14)
ABC at the New York Art Book Fair.  (9/14)
ABC will be launching ABCEUM at The Brighton Photo Biennial.  (10/14)
Fred has several pieces in this small group show opening October 3rd at 5 Walnut Gallery in Asheville NC.  (10/14)
Fred is having a solo exhibit at Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn NY opening October 29th 6-9pm.  (10/14)
The opening of Free Work at Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn. The show is up until March of 2015.  (10/14)
(photos by toralf sümmchen and random-cowboy)
a given amount is now available in the E5 bookstore.  (12/14)
useful reading is now available in the E5 bookstore.  (12/14)