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Fred Free is the visual artist contributor for the current issue of Revista-Valise - an academic online journal published by the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.   (12/14)
FF's exhibit at Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn closes in February.  (1/15)

C (is for color) is FF's contribution to Z2A - a collage alphabet book created by Allan Bealy and available here.  (2/15)

FF has some collaborative pieces in &co - an exhibit of Bill Noir's work at Séries graphiques in Strasbourg France.  (2/15)

A nice review and selection of FF's work found over at mutantspace.  (3/15)

We Said Hello and Shook Hands by Zach Collins has almost 300 pages of collage collaborations - several between ZC and FF, including the book covers. FF also wrote the forward.  (3/15)

FF's work was inspirational in fashion designer Derek Lam's "cut 'n' paste" themed Spring Line for 2015.  (4/15)

put in a word is FF's newest book - a re-imagined scrapbook containing twenty-one new collages.  (6/15)

"two views" [2nd from left] is part of Leo & Pipo's "Imaginary Portraits" print show at En Face in Paris.  (10/15)

FF is honored to be part of the latest Weird Show exhibit in Barcelona curated by max-o-matic and rubén b.  (2/16)